Annual Membership Meeting

November 16, 2020 Zoom

Present – 28 total – Board Members: Susan Hollander Whitman, Kathy Stein, Howard Barsky, Rhonda Heffern, Marc Stieffel, Laura Viehweger, Lori White, Phyllis Haldeman

Community: Bruce and Peggy Kurtz, Alex Heffern, Robert Stein, Harvey Klinger, Don Bowie, Robert McEwan, Tim D’Amico, Peter Vanderwicken, Kurt Leasure, Howard Perloff, Carol Ann Della Pena, Susan and Stanley Plotkin, Joyce Burian, Wayne Yetter, William Holmes, Neil Whitman, Elizabeth Gabrielson, Barbara Donnelly Bentivoglio

I. Call to Order at 7:35pm

II. Welcome and Introductions (Susan) of Board Members, including announcing that newest member Laura Viehweger will take over as Treasurer for Phyllis.

III. Summary of events of this past year: (Susan)

A. Denie and Will sold the Carversville Inn this summer to Milan Lint and Mitch Berlin who are in the process of making plans for renovation to submit to Zoning, Harb, township, etc. At this time we don’t know what will be approved and when they will reopen but as soon as we do we will share an update with membership and the owners may be able to share more with everyone as well. It does not seem like they will be ready to reopen for at least a yr.

A big thank you was made to Denie and Will for their years of hosting the meetings, participation in all events and being such a major part of Carversville. They already have been given the Friends of the Village Award so a shout out of thanks was sent to them from everyone.

B. The Carversville Kitchen has also been closed since the beginning of the pandemic. Despite interest in purchasing the business and building from Dan, so far, no deals have been made. At the current time there are no plans to reopen it as it was, and we will do what we need to, to keep our post office there.

C. As far as events go, there was no Carversville Day, or Films in the Field and we asked members to do their own clean up for clean up day.

D. Pumpkin Carving was organized by Laura V. and Susan Plotkin. HCS provided the pumpkins and thanks to the new Inn owners, the pumpkins were left on the porch of the Inn for pick up. They were all taken and if anyone has pictures of your carved pumpkins, we will be happy to post them.

E. The Annual High School scholarship was given to Ryan Viehweger who is currently at the University of Colorado in Boulder as a freshman. It has involved quarantining, hybrid and or virtual classes and coming home at times. He was raised in Carversville, and has always helped with events and activities, and has shown a real love and concern for this community. His business, “The Carversville Cutting Crew” has carried on, but we do miss Ryan a lot.

F. We were also able to redo our website,, thanks to the hiring of an actual web designer and technical person, Dan Zingone at Graphic Studio. Kathy shared a look at the new design. It is much easier to find things such house histories, oral histories, newsletters, events, and pictures. We also have on there an old newsletter that Sally Getchall gave us from September of 1989 with the announcement of the take over of the Carversville Inn by Denie and Will!

G. Literary Journal – This past spring one of our Carversville raised residents, Alex Heffern came up with a proposal to publish a literary journal that would include writings about life during the pandemic in Carversville. She suggested, “the best journal would be comprised of a variety of forms, including interviews, works of fiction and nonfiction, poetry, recipes or even comic strips. You could write about whatever you like and submissions would be welcomed form children and adults of all ages. “There was a lot of interest initially, but not enough was submitted for a publication. The idea is on hold but will be revisited by the end of the year. It seems like such a creative and great idea to show our lives in Carversville during this time. If anyone has something they would like to submit you can send it to

H. Caroling in the Square was supposed to be December 20th, but we do not feel it is safe to do. If there is a musician out there who would like to get in touch with us to try to lead a zoom caroling event, we are open to it.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – PHYLLIS (summary)

The year started off with approximately $37,000 in the checking and savings account and with expenses that is now $32,565.

There are currently 44 households-83 active members. Board decided all active members will be considered paid through 2021. There was one very generous donation. A $1000 scholarship was given to a HS Senior. A $1000 donation was given to Fisherman’s Mark.

V. Solebury Township Report: (per Mark Baum-Baicker)

Pandemic has affected tax receipts which were slightly lower and expected to be even lower in 2021. The 2021 budget reflects that, and many non-essential expenditures have been reduced, eliminated or deferred. All township meetings have been and will continue to be held on zoom.

A referendum was overwhelmingly approved by Solebury residents to borrow up to $12 million for the open space program. $5 million has been borrowed at a low rate of 1.09%. A modest tax increase is expected for 2021.

An extensive review of the police department, policies, practices, and statistics was done by the Board of Supervisors in the wake of the George Floyd tragedy. Determination was there are no Solebury-specific issue, and our police chief has embraced 21st century training including enrolling the officers in a racial sensitivity and de-escalation program through Pearl S. Buck International.

A proposal was made by residents to pave a portion of Old Carversville Road. With much input from the community, the Board decided against paving. A new piece of equipment was purchased to help keep the 3 remaining Solebury dirt roads- Old Carversville, Cuttalossa and Laurel Roads in better condition through use regularly and after significant rain events.

The Old Carversville road bridge is a county bridge that has been closed since late August for restoration. Expected target date for completion is before Thanksgiving but there has not been an update from the county.

VI. Mark BB, Howard B. and Rhonda H were all unanimously reelected to another 2-yr term

VII. Open to questions – Only question had to do with Carversville Day next May. It is planned, and on the Calendar, but we will see how things go as time goes on.

Meeting adjourned by 8:05pm.