Annual Membership Meeting

11/15/21 BY ZOOM

Present – Susan, Howard, Phyllis, Rhonda, Kathy, Mark, Marc, Lori, Laura

The meeting was called to Order at 7:30 pm. It was confirmed that the quorum requirement of at least 20 attendees was met. Susan welcomed attendees and introduced the Board. She announced the following Board changes:

  • Susan is leaving the Board at year-end and Lori will take over as President.
  • Marc will be Vice President.
  • Mark is leaving the Board and will be replaced by Rhonda as Secretary.
  • Laura has taken over the Treasurer position from Phyllis, who will be stepping down from the Board in the Spring of 2022.
  • Three new Board members have been identified.

Susan mentioned that the Carversville Inn application has cleared the Solebury Township Zoning Hearing Board and will now move the through the remainder of the regulatory process, including Land Development, DEP, etc.

Susan the summarized the past year. Oral histories are ongoing and volunteers to assist in the process are welcome. Rhonda has taken over email blasts. There have been no recent Newsletters due primarily to a reduction in the number of events as a result of the pandemic. A new sign board has been purchased. Our website designer is and is no longer able to continue, so there have been no recent revisions to the new website. A new consultant is being pursued. Five scholarships were awarded to NHS seniors. No member dues were requested this year but they will resume in 2022. Carversville Day is planned for May 2022, as assurances have been given that the general store parking lot and Secret Garden area will be cleaned up before then. A table will be set up at Carversville Day 2022 for payment of dues by existing and potential new members.

As to events, Carversville Day was not held in 2021, although there was a member picnic on July 4th during a lull in the pandemic. Two of the three Films in the Field (Ghostbusters and Chariots of Fire) were held. Pumpkin Carving was again overseen by Laura and Susan Plotkin. Caroling in the Square will be held on Sunday December 19th at 6:00 pm.

Phyllis introduced Laura as the new Treasurer. Laura reported that as of 10/31/21, HCS had cash assets of approximately $27,000, down from about $31,000 as of 12/31/21. The primary reason for the decline was the cancellation of Carversville Day.

Mark gave a Solebury update, mentioning that the Township’s 2022 is balanced with no tax increase and includes the purchase of a high-water rescue vehicle for use in future floods. He also noted that the Township has applied to FEMA and PEMA for emergency funding to deal with the effects of Hurricane Ida. If received, a portion would be allocated to Carversville and the Paunacussing Creek cleanup. Carolyn Pachucki’s outstanding cleanup efforts of her home (The Tannery on Fleecydale), her property, and the creek area around her home were praised and it was suggested that anyone with cleanup questions contact her for information.

Robert Stein gave a presentation on the Ida flooding and a suggestion for addressing water issues for the future. Mark indicated that federal and/or state emergency funds would be needed for any significant infrastructure repairs/improvements and encouraged residents to each write letters to our representatives in Harrisburg and Washington. He said that he would work on getting their contact information for distribution, probably through an email blast. The Friend of the Village award was given to resident Joe Slattery and his employee Epi, who volunteered to clear huge amounts of flood debris in the days following Hurricane Ida.

Marc, Lori, and Laura were re-elected to the Board.